Refugee camp to the gates of Paris

Refugee camp to the gates of Paris on August 17, 2006 in Cachan the
font evacuates an old building of Crous occupied by more than 500 squatteurs, leaving with the street tens of families. With the invitation of the mayor PS, they are accomodated in a gymnasium of the city. Between 300 and 400 people camped in a room exigue of the gymnasium with many children of which certain new born. The daily newspaper of these families is summarized with the problems of housing, poverty, and precariousness because of their statute of immigrant. After having lived for two months in the gymnasium, and to be taken as an hostage of a situation which exceeds them, and whosestakes were very political, August 20, 2006, the Minister of Interior Department Nicolas Sarkozy, declares that it "made his duty" by expelling the few 500 occupants of the squat of Cachan. For two months of strongly mediatized negociations, violent ones debates at the assembly, interventions of many political leaders, artists, sportsmen, associations, elected officials, trade unions and a part of the French population who denounce the "situation of distress" in which were placed these families. October 5, 2006 an agreement in principle is concluded for rehousing from the former squatteurs from Cachan. October 12, 2006, the gymnasium is completely evacuated, the gates are welded and the occupants rehoused in provisional places.