The small pensions of France, Francis

Small pensions in France
Francis , 65 years old, retired in Paris since 2018, Francis lives in an independent retirement residence where he pays €873 in rent, as he has not found any other accommodation. As his retirement amount is €980, he receives the housing allowance of €106 plus the housing aid of €81 from the Paris City Hall, €1077 in total. He eats at the Emerald restaurant because he can't get by... Francis has worked all his life in small jobs in different sectors: DIY, crafts, temporary driver, ...declared or not, because sometimes he had no choice. "Since Covid, it's been harder and harder. I survive. As long as I manage to pay my expenses, I breathe easier. But every month I have to get by, it's exhausting because I'm not twenty years old anymore," he says. Yet Francis exudes joie de vivre and always has a smile for everyone.