FR | EN The small pensions of France, Charles

Charles Frannezelle, known as Moustache, 62 years old, Moustache started working at the age of 18 and has done all sorts of jobs. He has been retired since he was 62 years old, but only receives 57.03 €, as he does not have enough quarters and cannot yet receive the minimum old age pension (only from the age of 65). He continues to receive his disability pension of 751€; with the housing allowance his monthly income is therefore 1038€ per month. Since 2021, he can no longer heat his home. "Here, nothing is insulated and I have the choice between eating or heating. I'm cold," he says. In addition, he is on dialysis three times a week. ,Since November 2002, when Sangatte closed, Moustache has been helping refugees. "When I saw children on the ground, I said to myself that I had to do something," he says. A social actor in Calais for more than ten years, he has helped and housed refugees on a voluntary basis, and has even been imprisoned for solidarity crimes.